Alone... but not quite.

CORE-RELATE! So here I am. Not absolutely free, but free nonetheless. I am alone, though not totally alone nor lonesome. I just feel happy knowing I've unburdened myself of feelings that I should have just kept to myself. I know it was quite unfair for my Ayee but, heck, it would have been more unfair if I just kept everything to myself and not let him know how I really felt.
I know it will take quite some time to get over a break-up, but hey, life must go on. And if he really loves me, he would do the very thing I expect him to do: be his own man and prove not to me, not to my parents, but to HIMSELF that he can be the best he can be. I don't want to lose my faith in him, moreso my respect. I know we both love each other and yet, I guess, we aren't that in love anymore.
Just a little space and time will help. I believe it will. If it doesn't, well, perhaps that was really all the best-est we could have...

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