Are You READY?


Something's happening. If you take a closer look at current world events, you might be surprised at what will be revealed to you.

Growing up convinced that "there's nothing I can do" about the "big world," I didn't really "bother" to spend time reading the newspaper or watching the evening news except when my school subjects required me to. It was ironic that I was even part of my school's newsletter team. The broadsheet and the evening news, however, were staple parts of my father's breakfast and dinner and I grew up being very much familiar with the Sunday sheets being extra thicker than the weekdays, with magazines included, and the news a part of our nighttime 'devotions.'

I'm not a fan of misfortune (I don't think anyone is) and as an adult, I honestly feel sorry hearing or reading (now, through the Internet) about tsunamis and earthquakes and recessions elsewhere but because "there 's nothing I can do about them," I find myself being "concerned" more about the issues of my family and (though very rarely) my country, my government and my kababayans who were devastated by Ondoy, Pepeng and even the evil perils of Ampatuan.

I knew "something" is happening in the world everyday, but my eyes are focused within my own little space, my own little island, my Philippines. I remember being a kid back in the 1980's when my Philippines wasn't really much heard of in world news and I even wondered if I'd ever live to 30 years old. I knew my Philippines mostly through History books and the neighborhood I lived in. I memorized my Philippines' presidents by name but I wasn't aware of the impact the decision/s of my country's leader/s had on the rest of the world. I confess, I didn't know that my Philippines had a 'say' in world events not until I heard it live from Joel C. Rosenberg in his first Epicenter Conference in Asia last January 22, 2010. After going through the "Epicenter," I am convinced that God did something in my heart to prod me to start looking outward, beyond my own "chocnut country," and start helping out in "preparing" the rest of the world.

Last Sunday, I had the privilege of learning about "The Source," the first part of our six-week "What On Earth Is Going On?" campaign in church. This Friday, February 19th, will be the first in-depth study that I will be having with whoever God sends my way.

Question: Will you be caught up or left behind?

Hopefully, in my future blogposts, I'll be able to help you come up with a more certain answer to the this question and see "what in the world" I am driving at.

I encourage YOU to come and join us in this exciting search.

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