am i "IN" or what?

"do i fit in?"quite a question for groupies, wannabes, or simply.. the insecure.

the question was spurred - of all things - by the FLU virus! geewhiz. am i waxing philosophical or what?

everyone in the family is sick. we're wearing masks, except for my 1 year-old nephew, seth.

alright, i get it..

this is between God and me. i know He is not the author of disease but He does allow them to happen to certain people because:
1. He is sending a reminder that He gives and takes away; our life is just on loan so we better take good care of it for us to 'earn' the best interest using it for Him;
2. He is pruning us to bear fruit for His greater glory;
3. He wants us to draw strength from Him;
4. He is strengthening our faith in His being the Great Healer and author of the Impossible.
5. He wants us to take some respite.

so whatever it is that brought the FLU virus to me (thank God it's not F1, este H1N1..), allow me to say.. I see it so funny that the non-conformist me is conforming to the "fad" this rainy season: runny nose, watery eyes, coughs, fever and sore muscles.

no hugs for now. huhu.

in hindsight, i've just realized.. the first part of 2009 has been a very sickly time for me. Abba Father, will you allow the 2nd part of 2009 to be a healthy, active, energizing, fulfilling time for me and my family -- just like 2006 or a lot, lot better? nevertheless, not my will, but Your will be done...


  1. 2 cents... depend on GOD and not your own strength.

  2. yay! "2 cents.." something's up soon, momsie.. and it's good. i know it's good.

  3. Praise God. let us remember that God's will is good, pleasing and perfect.


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