cinderella comes home.

THIS Cinderella, however, isn't wearing glass slippers. She wears gel shoes.

She doesn't ride on a coach with escorts. She usually walks her way to wherever.

She didn't come home from a Ball. She came home from the workplace.

She has no Prince to "run away from." She's waiting for her prince.

She doesn't have two evil step sisters. She has two lovely sisters and much much more.

She had a full Thursday. Her day was filled with details upon details. She actually loves details but something in her just "hates" herself for being unable to deal with all those necessary details the way she should.

She lists down things but she forgets about them.

She sets priorities but gets bogged down by the "tyranny of the urgent," her brain being "programmed" to 'live each day as it comes.'

She actually loves to serve, not to be served, but she cannot understand why she tends to get angsty under pressure..

She used to think that between Mary and Martha she was a "Mary," but the past six months have shown her that she's been "Martha-ing" all along..

Something's not right with her, she knows. She isn't a damsel in distress; she's utterly distraught but trying her best not to be, nonetheless.

She wonders.. maybe she can have a bite on Snow White's apple.. or borrow Sleeping Beauty's needle.. so she can sleep.

"What a wretched Cinderella I am..." she mutters with a deep sigh. But still, she manages to smile one happy thought: "If fairy godmother cannot do it, God can - God will - if it is in accordance with His plan."

She heads for bed without an apple nor a needle, but just a handful of prayer: "Father, forgive me for being so stubborn; I haven't fully obeyed You yet You still love me. I haven't been fully faithful to You, yet You haven't changed a bit. Please give me rest for my soul -- even just for tonight. If it is Your will that I live tomorrow, please wake me up in Your time and help me shine and bring glory to Your name. If it is Your will that I don't wake up from this sleep, please send my warm love-hugs to everyone I hold dear - You know who they are. Please make my 'unknown' enemies forgive me for having offended them. In Jesus' name, Amen."

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