An Easter Story

I was in a quandary how I could possibly tell a story on the essence of Easter without mentioning the name of Jesus. Imagine that! Initially, I couldn't think of Easter without thinking of Christ's resurrection. Well, since Easter is actually a pagan ritual naman so I took it as a challenge. I was ready to give up my hosting job but thanks to my youngest sister Maii, she suggested a story inspired by the movie, "Charlotte's Web." My boss just liked the story, he said, with my permission, he will let another talent use it for an Easter program hosted by one of his greatest talents in Rockwell. To God be the glory!

If you're not doing anything this Sunday, I invite you to drop by SM Makati around 2pm this Sunday, March 23, 2008 and watch me at work as 'Holly, the Happy Hat' and be one of the firsts to "see" the story firsthand! See you when I see you! :)

Setting: a farmhouse


Easter Bunny: Happy Bunny; new to the farmhouse; outcast

Chicken: only friend of easter bunny; also an outcast

Mouse: the spy

Other animals: Goat, Cow, Pig

One day, the animals in the farmhouse, named Goat, Cow and Pig were having a great time. Easter Bunny happily hops in and says “Hi” to everybody.

Bunny: Hop, hop. Hello, everybody! I’m Easter Bunny. I am new here. Can we be friends?

But the animals just looked at him and went on playing.

Bunny: Oh, alright. Have fun then. Hop, hop.

Then he hops and hops then saw Chicken in one corner. He hopped to where Chicken was and introduced himself.

Bunny: Hi, you must be Chicken?

Chicken: Yeah, you must be Bunny. Cuckoo.

Bunny: Right, but I’m not just a bunny. I’m an Easter Bunny.

Chicken: OK, can I call you Easter then?

Bunny: Sure! I hope you don’t you mind if I call you Chix?

Chicken: Not at all!

So Chicken and Bunny became friends. Bunny hops, Chicken cuckoos, and they enjoy their time in that one little corner of the farmhouse.

One Saturday night, Bunny was taking care of Chicken because Chicken was having a hard time laying her eggs. Both Chicken & Bunny fell asleep.

The next day, Easter morning, bunny woke up early & he cannot believe what he saw: ONE GLEAMING, COLORFUL EASTER EGG! Bunny started hopping around the corner and woke Chicken up.

Bunny: Wake up, Chicken, wake up!

When she saw her egg, Chicken became sad and said, “Oh, no, my egg looks awful! Please, Easter, don’t tell anyone.”

Bunny said, “Are you kidding me? That is an Easter egg, Chicken! It’s like treasure! People hunt for Easter eggs on Easter Sunday!”

Chicken asked, “Oh, really? I didn’t know that. Nobody in the farm took care of me before. Thank you for telling me that, Bunny, my friend. Now I know why my masters gather my best eggs during Easter.”

Bunny and Chicken didn’t know that while they were talking Mouse was listening. When Mouse heard all those, he ran to the other animals.

Mouse: Hey, they’re talking about Easter. What does that mean?

Goat: Meee-mee… beats me. They’re really weird. They shouldn’t really be here.

Cow: Moo, Moo...Yeah, what’s Easter? I thought that’s only for fat pigs.

Pig: Hang on! oink-oink. I know what Easter’s all about. Chicken’s special, my friends. Easter is all about friendship, family, fun and treasures. oink-oink. Some people say it’s a time to ask for a bountiful harvest that’s why they need, oink-oink, fat pigs and big vegetables and eggs and bunnies on that day. Some people say Somebody came back from the dead on Easter. But whatever today means for them, oink, oink, why don’t we all be friends with Bunny and Chicken and just be happy! After all, we all live in the same farmhouse, don’t we? 

All the animals say “Yeah!” in their own sounds and join Chicken and Bunny in the corner and greets everyone HAPPY EASTER!!!

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