TODAY is what I call a great, great, great, great day! Serendipitous as it may seem, I wasn't of course expecting to see someone I haven't seen in a long time on what could have been an ordinary yet fruitful day for me. I mean, I was expecting this day to be fruitful in the sense that I've taken the necessary steps towards broadening my options (papers and resumes and all those stuff) "lucrative." What I haven't expected to happen was to "meet" a very formidable figure in my (love)life: the special one who makes my heart leap! Whoa! I was utterly dumbfounded, starstruck, speechless, shaken for like the next 20 minutes. My knees were shaking and I just can't take off the smile from my face. In all its likelihood, I had to splurt it out to Racquee: yep, I have a huge, huge crush on that guy. I was gushing like a highschool girl and I-just-couldn't-help-but- smile! I felt like a girl. I feel just like a girl. Even as I'm writing this, I am still gushing. By golly.

Oh well. I don't know how he felt. And I could "kill" to know. But then again, I wouldn't dare go out of my way for that.

Today is a great day. And tomorrow, hopefully, will be a lot, lot better.

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