The Point

CORE-RELATE! I've written, revised and re-revised a letter that I suppose should get me an approval from the branch management, in spite of the memo on "discouraged leaves of absence on weekends." The letter is relative to my 1st-ever mountain climbing activity on aug19-20, i.e., AMCI-BMC 2K6's Training Climb 2 in Mount Malipuno, Batangas, plus the Basic Life Support training on the 26th. I don't believe in concealing the truth for a "more convincing excuse" so I decided to just let it be known as plainly as it is.

Whatever the outcome will be, one thing is for sure: GOD WILL MAKE A WAY.

I’ll post a copy of the letter once it gets the nod. I know in my heart it will. (O,pleeeease, Lord, let them see THE point...)

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