Jag's off to Angeles, geewhiz!

God must really have a lot in store for me this year. Firstly, He didn't let me and Jag meet before 2005 ended (as I have "planned" so I could close "our" chapter in my life's book). I've made a little resolution to totally purge Jag out of my system come 2006 but, arrgh. It now appears I haven't followed that. Secondly, and more importantly, God's been sending me a lot of fish in the sea lately. BUT I-DON'T-WANT-TO-THROW-DOWN-MY-HOOK-JUST-YET!

It's been a long time since we last saw each other. And that meeting was actually just FATE. R-E-A-L-L-Y.

Incidentally, I was tuned in to NU107 while I was drawing up that little resolution. And as the tip of my ballpoint kissed one of the last 3 pages of my journal, the words of the song echoed:

" If I had just one more day,
I'd tell you everything why I miss you.
I honestly believe in fate
'coz fate is what I've gained.
I've been down this road,
the answer's still the same."

Enough said.

Jag's one uber-lucky guy, triple-gee-triple-whiz!

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