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CORE-RELATE! So... I'm no techie... I mean, duh, maybe I don't just have the time to go about everything that has to do with web developing but my fingers are really itching to get a hold of ANYthing which could HELP me make my OWN webpage. For a start, blogspot is one. The first-ever I had closest to making my OWN, yeah, spot. An avenue of expression, at least for me and my three closest buds: my honeytengker Ayee, my bestest best friend in jugingland Len and my only chief in juging land Milan. Actually, there should be another three: my bestest momy Belle and my fave sisses Bujoy and Amai but I'll invite them later on (when I've already tried -- and tested -- it with my honeytengker, at least).
Last night, at the strike of around the 2nd hour of the shift (I was on the graveyard, 10pm-6am), Boss Ipe Sanchez, Asst. Gaming Area Manager, called my attention. I had a hinch that it had to do something with writing -- and it did -- and more than that. He (or rather, she) "recommended" me to Mr. Rod del Rosario, Gaming Area Manager. The task: to make a sort of a letter on the current -- and pressing -- problem of our branch, i.e., the cafeteria. It was for a presentation to the Branch Management Panel. Geewhiz, talk about surprise-surprise! How on earth was I supposed to do that? Simple. Interview. But a one-on-one interview will take longer than, say, an expected 5-minute-discussion. AND I ONLY HAD TILL THE END OF THE SHIFT! (We're supposed to "log out" by 5:45am, so to give Boss Rod some time to go over "my work," I had to give it to him before 5:45.) And presentation was Thursday, 19 September. (Right, the next day, as in bukas na). Anyway, so at around 11:30, I started hand-writing my little "Dear Fellow Pagcorian" intro for soliciting suggestions. Good thing Claire, one of the only few people I can trust in jugingland (Pagcor), was beside me. I asked her to distribute my 3 little letters to 3 different gaming areas in the 9pm-5am shift. It was quite a start.
I went back to my "area of responsibility" i.e., the gaming area where I'm supposed to tinker with chips and cards, around 1am and worked for an hour. 2:10 saw me collecting white sheets of paper, some with a few writings, some full-paged, some blank except for my intro. 2:20-2:40, Boss Ipe and some TSs (table supervisors, just like me) browsed through them. 2:55, I faced the PC and officially began writing the letter.
I composed the intro and the closing first and left a blank space in between where I had to encode the comments of maybe around 80 of my colleagues. Whew, when you collate in verbatim, sometimes you just can't help but make a few edits here-and-there, right? But just the same, I controlled my editing-self and proceeded to copying their thoughts in full.
Then came segregation time, when I had to decide which ones should go where, from the responses, there were three main points: Food Quality, Utensils/Sanitation and Service. Ahhh... 4:30 na!!! Final editing time, 5:00. 5:20 PRINT! By golly!
In jugingland, there's a so-called "brilliancy," doing something which is legal (or which could seem legal) in exchange for doing what you really should be doing. Heck, I didn't give a single damn on that premise... I mean, duh, maybe there could have been some of my colleagues who may have seen it that way. I only thought about it now, though. And I don't give even just a teeny-weeny bit of a damn about it. I did something "in the best interest of everybody," though not everybody thinks it's really not such a good idea to pass on a "recurrent" complaint. I acted on a request, one which also gave me the opportunity to help put the message across. My only prayer is for that important message to be sent across the way it is expected to be: to deliver results -- FAST.
And sure enough, I'm quite confident it would be. Our new management is composed of people who know how to listen -- and they sure listen well.
Modesty aside, an opportunity to get promoted was informally offered, which I politely refused. I don't know if I could handle such a big responsibility just yet.
For now, I am contented with just being the one people can turn to for a direct-to-the-point, clear-cut written communication.

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