On the AFP, Bright Young Officers and Tainted Uniforms

I am an outsider. A civilian. I wouldn't fully understand the armed forces mechanism unless I myself dip my shoes into it. But as far as my brain can fathom the recent event that shocked my nation, I couldn't help but say "Sayang," or tough luck. I believe in the modern Magdalo's cause, stemming from the outlined proposal of a National Recovery Program of a former coup-plotter. True enough -- at least, that's just how I feel it, graft and corruption is part and parcel not just of the military, but of the judiciary, the society and Philippine politics as a whole. Whether there is a concrete truth and strong body of evidence (live or dead) to their (Ltsg. Antonio Trillanes, et. al.) accusations of the Philippine government's "scripted" bombings in Davao -- selling ammos to the enemy, for one, is up for a high-level investigation. But again, as far as my feeble mind can understand things... there can be no smoke without a fire.
The mutineers come from a class of idealistic, bright men in the Philippine Military Academy (1995). Why would they put their budding careers on the line if it wasn't for a GOOD cause?
Maybe it would have been better if they waited for some more time... but still, I hope their efforts don't go to waste. Their queries were entertained and yet they will be investigated, albeit punished for their "unbecoming" conduct. Heck, they were willing to die... After their "surrender," Ltsg. Trillanes said he was looking into quitting his military career... Who but a principled man-- one who knows, believes and is sure he is right, would do that? I hope he doesn't quit... and I hope their cause, their grievances, are properly addressed...
Quitters never win, winners never quit.

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